Vil du have en gratis t-shirt eller tjene lidt penge på et design eller motiv?

Do you want a free t-shirt or make some money from a design or motif?

Do you think you are super creative and would like to get a free t-shirt with your own design on it. Then you may have the opportunity to do this with us at

How do you think that? It's pretty easy if you have a unique design or a funny quote that can go on a mug or t-shirt. Then we are happy to give a free t-shirt, provided it is a design or quote that we think can do something special and we must sell it on here at - But of course it has to be somewhat unique

If you are an artist or just extremely talented, we would also like to collaborate with you. A collaboration could be that you got a percentage of the sale and the amount of that would be based on how well known and how skilled you are at promoting this yourself.

In any case, we are quite open to honoring good input. We believe that all parties should be completely happy and satisfied.

You can send an email to

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