About citatshirts.dk

John Slater TV host, film reviewer, Entrepreneur and owner of Printbyorder.dk, Supermerch.dk, Mugga-master.dk and the film site TheMovSer.dk.

Citatshirts.dk is a subdivision of PrintByOrder.dk - It offers design even t-shirts for private and wholesale sales of clothes + prints for companies.

Supermerch.dk is pure film merchandise that sells everything from film t-shirts, caps, mugs, Funko Pop, collect objects, posters and more. in film, series, music and gaming equipment.

Mugga-master.dk is "only" mugs - but everything within coffee mugs and other mugs, with quotes, unique designs. All printed on AAA + quality mugs.

TheMovSer.dk is a film news medium where news and reviews are written about everything that happens in the film industry. A 100% independent news medium that has no advertisements or lets financial interests shape reviews and news. All with a twist and 100% good tone